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Wholefarm Premium Soft Serve Ice Cream & Fruit Crush

04 January 2024

Wholefarm Australia offers a premium range of soft serve ice cream powders that provides a combination of quality, variety, consistency and reliability.

If you're looking for out of the box flavours such as sea salted caramel, luxury dark chocolate, Italian luxury vanilla or premium matcha green tea then you've come to the right place. Wholefarm also offers a real fruit crush range for vanilla base flavouring; peach, mango, blueberry, lychee and strawberry. Their fruit crush can be used to blend with a vanilla soft serve base or as a topping.

When it comes to soft serve ice cream machines, look for a machine that has 2 drums, this will give you the opportunity to offer two flavours and a twist. For example; italian vanilla, salted caramel & a vanilla caramel twist. If you were thinking of using the fruit crush range, you can offer a mild yogurt, peach and a yogurt peach twist. The great thing about fruit crush is you can change up the flavours when ever you like making it quite fun for your customers.

Trial before you buy bulk?

Choose any 3 flavours to trial - Wholefarm Sample Pack. This can be a combination of soft serve powders and/or fruit crush.

Keen to know how it all works?

Simple. When you order via Good Food Warehouse you're ordering direct from Wholefarm Australia. It's our job to facilitate the orders and delivery service. You're receiving the best possible price and FREE DELIVERY - we do this by consolidating orders which makes it cheaper and fresher for you. And we offer quantity discounts every time your buy more than 1 carton, we'll reward you on the spot!!

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