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Arkadia Starter Pack - Cafe Powders & Coffee Syrups

04 March 2021

We know how difficult it is to find the right products for your business. We have over 80 different cafe beverage powders and more in coffee syrups. As you can imagine we are asked about Arkadia all the time. Arkadia is a very consistent brand and well known in the food service market. Arkadia produce a number of chocolate powders, chai, flavoured frappes and of recent coffee syrups. Now making them a complete beverage solution for any cafe, coffee van or food service outlet.


Where to begin? The best place to start with Arkadia is to order a Starter Pack. This pack can contain any 2 x 1kg powders and any 2 x 750ml coffee syrup flavours. For example you can choose; Caramel syrup, Vanilla syrup, 20% Drinking Chocolate powder & Chai powder. This would cover your basic needs and give you enough product to run trials with staff and customers.

The real cost benefits come once you decide you're happy with the Arkadia range. We offer different carton mixes e.g. a mixed carton for coffee syrups, another for powders and so on. When you order the Arkadia range from us, we reward you every time your order by giving you discounts. Product shelf life is good and if you're a busy cafe order a little more. You can get up to 8% discount with Arkadia plus free delivery plus no credit card fees. Saving 8% on your beverage costs, not bad!!


* 20% Cappuccino Drinking Chocolate

* 24% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

* 28% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

* 33% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

* 40% Cocoa Drinking Chocolate

* White Drinking Chocolate

* Chai Tea Spice

* Chai Tea Vanilla

* Coffee Syrups - Butterscotch, Caramel, Chai, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Peppermint, Vanilla, White Chocolate

We look forward to seeing you online soon, any questions please feel free to Live Chat!!

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