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New Ice Tea Concentrates from Alchemy Cordials

22 August 2022

Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly Cafe Ice Tea Concentrates

Alchemy’s Iced Tea Concentrates allow you to offer delicious, versatile, and high-margin iced teas. They can be sold by the glass or jug and made with ease. They’ve combined premium Ceylon black tea with natural flavours to create satisfying drinks, served ice cold, a little tart, and not too sweet.

Experience Flavour

Obsessed with flavour, so you know their Iced Tea Concentrates will taste incredible, plus of course, they’re made from premium natural ingredients, Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free. Producing 3 flavours; Cucumber & Fresh Mint, Lemon and Peach.

Discover True Refreshment

Not only are their Iced Tea Concentrates easy to use and incredibly versatile, the delicious taste will leave your customers wanting more. And since you can’t buy them through retail, customers will head straight for your door. Why not create your own signature drinks with their concentrates?

Great For Your Pocket & The Environment

They care about our planet, which is why they make beverage concentrates! Therefore, they’ve ditched single-use packaging, unlike the multinationals who make bottled iced tea, bringing more money back into your pocket while doing our bit for Mother Nature. Alchemy’s Iced Tea Concentrates allow you to broaden your range of refreshing drinks, with a long shelf life and without the storage hassle.

Alchemy Cordials specialise in naturally flavoured beverages from coffee syrups, cordials, sauces and more. They also produce the ever popular Turmeric and Beetroot elixir, with their chai being one of the very first to market.

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