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Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix

07 July 2022

We work with two soft serve powder producers in Australia, both offering a unique range of soft serve ice cream mix for superior tast profiles and flavours. Arkadia Beverages produce a brand called Jack Frost and Frosty Boy produce an extensive range of flavours under their brand. As well as a brand called Monalisa offering yogurt, vegan and plant base sorbet mixes.

What is Jack Frost Soft Serve Mix? Arkadia's mid-tier soft serve ice cream. A rebrand of our already popular Arkadia Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream, this ice cream powder base delivers everything you would expect in high quality and delicious tasting ice cream at a competitive price. Delivering a smooth and velvety texture with a creamy vanilla taste. If price is a major factor in your business then Jack Frost Soft Serve mix is a good option.

Frosty Boy is a house hold brand when it comes to soft serve. Soft serve is one of the most versatile frozen desserts on the market. You just need to add a little imagination. So, it’s little wonder everyone from global food brands to fast-food chains, QSRs to take-away shops and even high-end gourmet restaurants, all line up for Frosty Boy products. Frosty Boy offer an extensive range of soft serve flavours; classic vanilla, supernova vanilla, traditional vanilla, vegan coconut base, YoFrost, Plant Based Vanilla and more.

UHT Vanilla Liquid Mix is also produced by Frosty Boy. This is a ready-to-use liquid mix, made from fresh milk, cream, and a hint of vanilla. This produces a smooth and delicious soft serve! This is ideally suited to Vans in particular but also stores such as Petrol and Convenience who cannot mix product in store.

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