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FAQ - Best Cafe Supplier of Protein Balls in Sydney?
We Service Australia Wide. Luv Sum is one of our Sydney Protein Ball producers.

Luv Sum is produced in Sydney. They produce a range of unwrapped and wrapped energy balls, protein balls, paleo balls, vegan balls perfect for any coffee van, cafe or food service outlet. It's Free Delivery fresh from Luv Sum, when you order via Good Food Warehouse. We also offer discounts for multi-carton buys, so the more you order from Luv Sum the cheaper it gets.

Orders are shipped direct from their Bakehouse in Sydney - Free Delivery Australia Wide. Simply Register Online Here for Instant Ordering, no lengthy account approvals. If you have any questions regarding shelf life feel free to Live Chat Online.

Please take the time to look around as we also have other protein ball suppliers, all offering something different. Largest Range of Cafe Balls.

Best Protein Ball Suppliers
  • Do you know of any other Cafe Distributor that offers the largest range and variety of Protein Balls, Health Balls, Paleo Balls and more? We'll haRead More...

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