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Coffee Syrup

16 July 2019

Todays market is flooded with Coffee Syrups. Each offering their unique twist designed to compliment the taste of freshly brewed coffee or other beverages like iced coffee, milkshakes, baking, desserts and more.

Some contain more flavour and less sugar for example. Which ideally means, less per serve. You need to decide what works best for your business and the type of coffee you're offering. Are you looking for more natural coffee syrups. Cravve are producers of syrups, sauces and fruit mixes with nothing nasty, it's the real deal. Yes, it seems more expensive but you use less per serve as it's more concentrated. Just a side note to this, they specialise in chocolate and chocolate powders, frappes, chai and more.

Are you wanting to use Organic Coffee Syrups? You'll find these a little more expensive but might just tick the box you're looking for e.g. compliment your Organic Coffee!! No nasty numbers or additives. All Natural and very flavoursome. You're an Organic Cafe for example, it makes complete sense to compliment your beverages with organic syrups. Oh and Cravve produce an Organic Ice-Tea.

Are you wanting a Coffee Syrup that packs a punch, flavour over sweetness? If this is the case you'll really need to sample them, run some trials to see what works for you. SHOTT Beverages offer an awesome starter pack. You can pick any 3 flavours you like, we'll organise 3 x 1ltr bottles to be shipped for only $20. SHOTT are produced in New Zealand. We suggest you pick the ever popular Caramel Syrup, then try a Fruit Syrup for cold drinks and lastly a pulp for smoothies and frappes. They are the only producers in the market who've successfully produced a banana pulp syrup made from real bananas and tastes delicious.

Is it just about Price? At the end of the day syrup is sugar and water with flavouring. Yes.. it all varies depending on your market and what you'd like to offer. We are largest syrup wholesale supplier in the Australian market. We've partnered with Brands we feel compliment all business needs. Some customers only use one particular brand as it stretches evenly with their roasted coffee. DaVinci Gourmet is a great example of an international brand who blends specifically for the coffee roasters. But saying this their range of Syrups and Sauces are ideal if you have a small space and need something for all your hot and cold beverage needs.

Cost per Serve is important. By the time you add in coffee, milk, sweetener, cup, lid, staff etc.... every little bit of that margin matters!! Do you homework when it comes to price. We have saved up to $5/bottle of 750ml syrup just by talking to our customers, understanding their needs and providing them with the best options. Look at the 1Ltr SHOTT Bottles, look at the 2Ltr Sweetblends. We have a few Coffee Roaster who sell the 750ml bottles then sell the 2Ltr syrups as re-fills, give them a bit better bang for their buck!

A Supplier that offers the best mix of Coffee Syrups is also important. You don't want to be ordering from 3 or 4 different syrup distributors. Caramel, Vanilla and Hazelnut from one. Sugar Syrup from another and then some the obscure flavours from another. Just think of all the time, effort and money to manage this. Particularly if you're having to make phone or email orders, the cost of payments & freight alone will cut into your margin. Register Online for Pricing, Discounts and Free Delivery always.

Finding a Coffee Syrup Supplier that covers most of your check list is what matters. It doesn't really matter what we say or what the coffee syrup producer says. It comes down to how you are running your business, what coffee you use, what compliments the coffee, what makes you money, what puts a smile on your customers face?? And don't forget, you actually want to like your Suppliers as they are a major part of your business. We'd love to help. Please contact us today. The owners will give you a call, Michael or Jane, discuss your needs and help you out.

Keep it Simple!! Do a little research and if you can achieve 90% of your requirements covered by one Coffee Syrup Supplier then you're already half way there. You never know... if you ask the question you might just get exactly what you need including chai, chocolate powders, frappe, fruit syrups, sauces and more!! Here is a list of our current Coffee Syrup Suppliers.

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