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How do you find a good Cafe Supplier or Distributor?

10 March 2021

Is your business restricted by the local cafe supplier or distributor? Like every business you need to find your point of difference. Coffee, grab & go items, slices, protein balls and more. Just like you, what makes us different to every food and beverage supplier, distributor and wholesaler. It can be a little tricky to define but once your customers start loving what you do, it's infectious.

Every cafe or coffee van business should start with great coffee and a smile. No one wants a grump barista early in the morning, we're all grumpy!! You also need to work out your target market, who are you customers. Are you getting the early morning joggers, the mums or the workers or even the tradies who are always keen to supersize everything. Or would you like a range of products that offer you a good margin?

With the joys of covid packaged items and quick serve has become quite a big player in the market. Seat dining is changing and it's also very costly to have empty seats, we can see why the 'whole in the wall cafe' is doing well, a keep your distance grab and go solution. Once you have the basics sorted and know your audience, it's time to look at other food & beverage options. Make a list, work out if individually wrapped grab & go is the best option and how you'll store the items, how much fridge space do you need etc.

With covid you also have a raft of things to be aware of, from customer and staff safety to making sure you can keep the doors open. Product accessibility and savings where possible is more important than ever and this goes for all facets of the supply chain. Do the research. Find a few key products and then see who offers the best service, value, delivery, no other fees, money back guarantee etc.. You need to be confident your new cafe supplier, distributor or wholesaler is going to work for your business.

Some of you will start ordering direct from the producer but over time this will become very time consuming and expensive. Yes the upside is you’ll receive fresh stock, but at a cost. Try ordering from 10 different Suppliers, 10 different payments, 10 different freight charges… and the list goes on. Because of the above and also the supplier challenges of actually being able to get product to you, we came about. And here is our point of difference.

Good Food Warehouse is the first to market online wholesale food and beverage solution that allows business owners to Order Directly from the Producer/Supplier/Importer. We have been operating since 2010 and know the B2B online marketplace better than anyone. We know the importance of providing a true ‘end-to-end’ service that removes a step in the Supply Chain that not only helps reduce ‘food-miles/carbon footprint' but services the customer differently, by supplying a fresher product direct from the producer. And you'll find different products to the cafe or business down the road!! Want to know more about us.

With Good Food Warehouse, you can register and order instantly. You can order from as many Producers as you like, the MOQ is 1 Carton from any Producer. The more you order from a Producer the Cheaper it Gets!! It’s Free Delivery direct from the Producer to your Business. We Guarantee your product arrives to your satisfaction or your money back or fresh stock is dispatched within 24/48hrs.

We manage your Order from dispatch to delivery, one point of contact and can all be done in the comfort of your own business or home. Payment is via PayPal, Credit Card or Invoice. No Accounts but it’s a ‘No Fee’ Credit Card payment making your credit card the Account with 30 or 60 days depending on your provider.

Good Food Warehouse Categories range from Coffee, Cold Brew, Coffee Syrups, Protein Balls, Cookies, Slices, Granola, Oats, Raw Ingredients, Sauces, Smoothies, Powders, Banana Breads, Muffins, Ice-Tea, Cordial, Slush Mix, Milkshakes and more. See what our customers have to say and why we are an awesome national cafe supplier. Don't forget you can Live Chat online if you have any questions.

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