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Art of Blend Profit Margins - Good Food Warehouse Discounts

14 October 2020

We are here to help with all your cafe beverage needs?

Finding Cafe Powders that work for your needs can be a little tricky. There are quite a few beverage blends and powders in the market, you need to think about your customer base and what your needs are. Are you needing a powder for smoothies, iced chocolates, frappes or maybe baking? Art of Blend are specifically designed for the beverage market. They've developed the range for quick serve and time poor cafes. You can mix the blends or use them with coffee syrups, fruit syrups and sauces. Art of Blend is very consistent in their offering.

Simply get a 16oz. (475ml) cup, fill with ice, fill to ¾ with water and add to blender. Then add topping, fruit, nuts or whatever you like and finally 80g of Art of Blend beverage powders. Blend for 30 secs and serve.

From Oct - Mid December we are offering 10% OFF the Art of Blend range. You can order as many times as you like and we'll reward you with our usual FREE DELIVERY, QUANTITY DISCOUNTS and now an additional 10%. If you're looking to buy bulk - 20% Off.

Here is a quick guide and some recipe suggestion from Art of Blend. Download Profit Margin Sheet.

Art of Blend currently produce the following flavours; Milk Chocolate Powder, White Chocolate Powder, Dairy Frappe Base, Yogurt Frappe Base, Spice Chai Powder, Iced Coffee Powder and a Belgian Chocolate Powder.

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