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BCS Biodegradable Cups & Lids

100% Biodegradable Coffee Cups Supplier. Disposable Sugarcane Coffee Cups. Sustainable Packaging.

Have you thought about making one small change for our environment? When it comes to the coffee industry disposable cups have a huge impact on our environment and research tells us that 73% of consumers want to make their consumption behaviour more sustainable. BCS Biodegradable Catering Supplies offer 100% biodegradable cups that are gone in 60 days!! And commercially compostable lids, gone in 2 years, not 500 years. We are their online wholesaler making it easy to switch out your plastic cups & lids. Browse the full product range below, login or register for an account to view prices and submit your wholesale order online!

Good Food Warehouse supplies a wide range of products to cafes, restaurants and businesses across Australia providing a direct-from-supplier distribution service. View the full range of products we supply here, or you can browse other sustainable cups & lids here.

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100% Biodegradable Packaging for Cafes & Food Service Businesses. Sugarcane Cups & Lids.

If not being 100% Biodegradable and Compostable is enough of a reason why not to love these sugarcane coffee cups and lids here are a few other reasons why you WILL fall in love with them. These sugarcane coffee cups and lids have a real point of difference about them, because not only are the cups made out of sugarcane but so are the lids. So many businesses will go out of there way to purchase a biodegradable/compostable cup but then put a 100% plastic lid on top. What is the point. Doesn’t it just beat the purpose of getting the biodegradable cup in the first place?

These cups and lids are made from the sugarcane pulp (juices) called bagasse. Inside the cup there are no waxes, oils etc which are all chemicals base. Therefore, these are lined with corn-starch which are another plant based material (PLA) which is making these awesome coffee cups 100% plant base and therefore is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

BCS Biodegradable Catering has carried out a number of tests on their cups and lids from a home compost system to an ocean and garden test. Here are the results.

  • Compost system gone in 3-4 weeks
  • Ocean gone in 7-8 weeks
  • Garden gone in 3-4 months
  • Land fill gone in 4-5 months

Plastic based products take between 500-1000 years to break down and single use plastic that are only used once and then thrown away, are used between 1min-5min and then take 1000 years to decompose. So all plastic that has ever been made is still out there today.

Sugarcane coffee cups and lids come such a long way to help with the environment, marine life and natural wild life in a way that it doesn’t harm anything or threaten a species life!! Using these sugarcane cups and lids will help you start your own environmental footprint with in your business and will show your customers a real point of different that they will appreciate and love and make you stand out from the rest.