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MaMa KaZ - Banana Breads, Muffins, Friands, Slab Cakes, Slices

MaMa Kaz is one of our Sydney based wholesale food suppliers of Banana Breads, Fruit Loafs, Muffins and more. Mama Kaz Banana Breads are the original banana bread bakers who have been producing quality breads since 1997 from a jealously guarded recipe.

Their products range from the traditional sized larger loaves, to Deli and Mini Loaves catering from your personal use to food service and cafe supplies. All breads are 100% natural with no preservatives.

Made from 100% real fruit, they produce many wholesale bread varieties such as banana bread, mango and coconut bread, fruit loaf, banana and walnut bread, banana and choc chip, banana and blueberry and much more. As well as our new line of wholesale muffins; apple and cinnamon, double chocolate, orange and poppy seed and more.

Breads are available in whole loaf or individually wrapped, perfect for anyone without a food license.

MaMa Kaz are a fantasitc producer with dedication to QUALITY and SERVICE, you'll receive 100% supplier love with these guys. Good Food Warehouse highly recommends their range. Unsure, order a sample carton to try before you buy bulk.

2 Carton Buy4%
3 - 4 Carton Buy6%
5 - 9 Carton Buy8%
10 - 50 Carton Buy10%
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The more you buy from one Supplier the more you SAVE! Every Supplier offers Quantity Discounts, remember the stock is fresh, as it's delivered direct from them to you. The minimum order is a Mixed Carton, see full list of products on Order Form.

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