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14 September 2022

Keep Money in Your Back Pocket

You love what you do, but you'd love it a little more if your COGS didn't keep rising along with other costs needed to run a business. Here are some great ideas that other business owners are doing to keep the cash in their back pocket.

Cost of Good Sold (COGS)

Get to know your numbers. As a general rule COGS should sit around 25%. Don't forget you have rent, staff, utilities etc... Shop around, are you buying your coffee and coffee essentials at the right price!!

Love your Customers

There are lots of ways to do this. Get to know your regulars and why not add a little treat in now & again. It's a great way to say thank you for your daily visit and we'll see you tomorrow....:)

Retail what you serve

If you're using amazing products, give your customers the opportunity to buy them for home, office or maybe a gift. There is an added benefit of having stock front of house, you'll soon know when to order more!! Coffee Syrups & Fruit & Ice Tea Syrups are a great example. In fact Alchemy Cordials produce a 300ml range which is perfect for home coffee. You'll find all the retail prices on our site, most will give you a 100% profit. For just popping it on your shelf, not a bad idea.

Buy your Cafe Essentials better

If you know your numbers, you'll understand that saving 5% an order will make a difference. Do this across your everyday essentials; coffee syrups, chocolate powder, chai powder, sweet sauces, milkshake syrups, sugar syrup, smoothie mixes, frappe powder, ice tea syrup and more. This will add up quickly. With some of our producers we offer up to 15 or 20% discount when you buy bulk, this is off an already good price. One of the key things to remember; we don't warehouse stock, we ship fresh from the producer to your business. You'll always received stock with the longest available shelf life. If you're unsure please just ask, we're always happy to help.

Brand your Own Coffee

How many times have you gone to a cafe looked at the coffee brand and walked away? Everyone does it. The coffee brand is only as good as the delivered experience. Branding your own coffee helps you establish your business as a brand & buy at a better price. All of which adds value to your business. Sample Coffee Beans Today?

Stop ordering goods with ++ costs

If your order from a number of suppliers, producers, online platforms or distributors you'll be paying unnecessary costs. Multiple credit card fees & delivery to name a few. It's also likely you're not being rewarded for bulk buying or receiving the best possible price. This is where we come in. We work really hard with our producers to make sure products are fresh and pricing is sharp. Again, we're not perfect but we're always happy to chat if you have a price query. Our model is built on a 'win-win-win'; win for the producer, win for us and a win for our customers. We keep it simple!! About us

Specials & Upsell

Simple changes can increase your customers spend. A great example is a smoothie & protein ball deal, coffee & cookie deal. If you buy better (take advantage of buying discounts) then you won't lose money on your deal. Banana Bread is another great product to run a deal on, you can buy bulk pop it in the freezer and grab when needed.

If you make a few adjustments and save 5% here and 10% there or more, what would that do to your bottom line? And we're not talking about chasing specials all the time, we all know that's not a sustainable way of buying goods. We are talking about continuously saving money each time you buy.

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