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Best Wholesale Bitesize Coffee Treats

21 February 2021

Finding the right little coffee treat for you business can be a challenge. You need to find a product you think reflects your business, all be it for your cafe or client meeting room. You also have the challenge of finding a way to buy it wholesale and with ease. So you start looking online, calling cookie or biscuit manufacturers or emailing them for more information. Then you have to work out quantities and how much and how is it going to be delivered, at what cost. Is this sounding way too hard?

Yes!! Agree. This is where we come in. We are in the market to help source products for your business then package them up in a way that is reasonable & cost effective for you, our customer. We have a few biscuit and cookie producers that offer bitesize coffee treats and both are very well known brands - Byron Bay Cookies & Kez's Kitchen.

- Byron Bay Cookies - An iconic Australian Brand. Byron Bay Cookies has been producing cookies for 30 years. They offer two types of bitesize cookies; 5g butterbursts and 13g buttons. Butterburst bites are an ideal giveaway and come in 4 different shapes and flavours. Their 13g buttons are ideal for catering or office rooms. They are a 2 bite cookie and come in 5 different flavours, plus they offer a twin pack range with a gluten free option.

- Kez's Kitchen - Kez offer bulk bites in 5g, they produce 2 flavours, 500g bags per flavour. Kez also offer packet bites these are idea for sharing or retailing on your counter top. Also a good option for COVID, handing out a little packet of bitesize biscuits will definitely put a smile on faces!!

We make life as easy as possible for you. Simply register online for pricing, you'll see all the bitesize coffee treat pricing and the minimum quantity you can order. We offer free delivery Australia wide. We only ship fresh from the producer to you. And the more you order the cheaper it gets. If you're keen to have a good look around, here is our complete Biscuit & Cookies range, we have over 100 cookies on offer. OR alternatively click on any of the products below for more information.

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