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Little Bakes Prestige Speculoos - Wrapped Bitesize Biscuits

09 February 2021

Hoppe Caramelised Biscuit importer no longer bringing the Hoppe range into Australia. They have swapped to a new brand, new producer that brings many positive attributes to the table. Consistent supply being one of them and you'll also enjoy a new type of caramel biscuit which is incredibly similar to Hoppe, but the added benefit of it being Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegitarian & Peanut Free.

Little Bakers Prestige Speculoos

A melt in your mouth caramel taste perfectly flavoured for coffee. This ideal giveaway biscuit has been developed with a classic, premium belgian recipe. They're supplied individually wrapped for maximum hygine and freshness. This a great biscuit to build customer loyalty.

Presige Speculoos are a complimentary concept designed to boost your customers appetite for another Coffee. They've been taste profiled for the flavour to activate with the taste of Coffee. Why not treat your customers today! It will not only put a smile on their face but help add to your bottom line by enticing them to stay a little longer and enjoy just one more Coffee. The end result, everyone is doesn't get any better than that!!


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