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Best Wholesale Bitesize Biscuit & Cookie Producers

29 January 2021

At Good Food Warehouse we work really hard with our biscuit & cookie producers to ensure what we offer is always the most extensive range in the cafe and food service market. We are continually sourcing giveaway products as every business needs their point of difference. Complimentary biscuits or cookies are a great way to say.... 'have a nice day' or 'great to see you again' or 'thank you for stopping by'!! Finding the right choice for your business can be a little tricky. You might want 1 bite or 2 bites or single wrapped? Below we've collated a list of what we have on offer and a little summary of each biscuit or cookie type to help you make the right decision for your business.

You'll also have a budget in mind. Giving a biscuit or cookie away can be a tricky process, you'll look at how many coffees you make each day and how many biscuits or cookies you've given away. The key to making this work is 'return on investment'. Cost it into your coffee just like you do milk, cups, sugar, syrup etc.... Think about how many smiles you pop on faces, how many customers order another coffee, how many come back day after day. A little giveaway is worth every cent!!

You'll find each Biscuit & Cookie producer offers something unique.

- Byron Bay Cookies - An iconic Australian Brand. Byron Bay Cookies has been producing cookies for 30 years. They offer two types of bitesize cookies; 5g butterbursts and 13g buttons. Butterburst bites are an ideal giveaway and come in 4 different shapes and flavours. Their 13g buttons are ideal for catering or office rooms. They are a 2 bite cookie and come in 5 different flavours, plus they offer a twin pack range with a gluten free option.

- Little Bakes - Imported. Little Bakes is replacing the Hoppe Biscuits (no longer imported). Just like the Hoppe they have been taste profiled to bring customers back for another coffee. Little Bakes is individually wrapped 6g biscuit. It's a caramel flavoured 2 bite treat. Perfect for catering, cafes and coffee vans. Customers can grab & go as it only comes single wrapped.

- Kez's Kitchen - Australian Producer. Some of you maybe familiar with this brand as they are experts when it comes to gluten free products. Kez offer bulk bites in 5g, they have 2 flavours which come in 500g bags per flavour. Kez also offer packet bites these are idea for sharing or retailing on your counter top. Works a treat if you give one away then sell the 40g packs to grab & go. The bites up-sell themselves!!

Register Online for Pricing. The minimum qty is 1 Carton. You can mix cookie & biscuit flavours as long as you order from the same producer. You'll find everything you need online. Once you register you'll see pricing. If you order more from the same producer we'll thank you with our our Instant Discounts and Free Delivery always. This is our little giveaway....:))

Still can't find what you need? The owners would love to give you a call, Michael or Jane. They'll be happy to work out what you need and source a solution that works for you. OR feel free to Live Chat Online.

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