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Largest Range of Protein Ball Suppliers

07 July 2020

At Good Food Warehouse we work really hard to source some of Australia's best producers. Protein Balls are just one of the many Cafe Favourites. They are convenient, delicious and can help business owners provide a simple treat that covers most bases. Yes; if you're Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Nut Free, Date Free or just FREE!! we have an option for you.

Today we are talking about Luv Sum and their new sister brand Luv&Co. Luv Sum are one of the original ball producers in Sydney. They continue to produce a great range of single wrapped balls and bulk food service balls. They've recently refreshed their brand and flavours.

Luv Sum Wrapped Cafe Protein Balls now come in 5 delicious flavours. A mix of energy, protein, vegan & gluten free balls. It's 12 Balls per Display Box and 4 of any flavour to a Carton. If you only serve packaged food, this is a great option, it's 48 balls in total. At Good Food Warehouse we encourage our Suppliers to offer samples, we know how important it is to trial a new product. For Luv Sum we have a Sample Carton of 25 balls - why not give something new or different a go??

Luv&Co. is their NEW Food Service range. Over 10 flavours on offer. They are specialising in VEGAN BALLS, with a range of nut butter balls, date balls, coconut bites and choc bites. Again, it's any 4 flavours to a Carton. This is a perfect, healthy, vegan option.

Would you like to know a bit more about our other Protein Ball Producers?

Here is a link to the complete range - you'll find everything you need. If you don't please just Live Chat Online, our Team will be more than happy to help.

At Good Food Warehouse we are; Conveniently Simple - Instant Ordering - Free Delivery - Best Price and Service Guaranteed!!

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