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Luv Sum Original Ball Co.

Luv Sum are producers of wholesale protein and paleo balls ready for the Cafe market.

Luv Sum produce some of the best products in the Australian Wholesale Food sector such as;

  • Individually Wrapped Protein Balls with Display Boxes
  • Single Wrapped Protein Balls ready for the Food Service sector, meeting rooms, hampers, events etc.
  • Unwrapped Bulk Protein Balls again ready for the Food Service sector all vacuum sealed in packs of 12
  • Unwrapped 60g Raw Cookies - delicious flavours; Almond, Chia and Cacao Nib - Cacao, Cherry and Coconut and more
  • Unwrapped 42g Power Protein Pucks - 4 delicious flavours on offer; Lemon Coconut, Caramel Crunch and more
  • Unwrapped 45g Dark Chocolate Protein Kisses - 4 delicious flavours on offer; Berry Ripe, Snikka and more
  • Unwrapped 80g Double Deckers - 4 delicious flavours on offer; Cacao Coconut, Berry Coconut and more

Luv Sum raw and protein balls offers some of the best Vegan and most are Gluten Free.

Luv Sum is about loving life and loving food allowing you to make healthier choices that taste great for a balanced diet and a balanced way of life. Fun goodness, a great healthy pick me up!

When you Order your Wholesale Luv Sum Products Online via Good Food Warehouse, you're ordering direct from the producer. They'll receive your order immediately, produce fresh and have ready to go. We'll organise and pay for the freight to ensure it's delivered to you as fresh as it gets!!

Multi Carton Discounts+
2 Carton Buy4%
3 - 4 Carton Buy6%
5 - 9 Carton Buy8%
10 - 100 Carton Buy10%
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Order more than 1 Carton from a Supplier and SAVE! You can MIX FLAVOURS in Cartons. See Carton Options on the Suppliers ORDER FORM.

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