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Bars & Slices

Our Wholesale Food Producers specialise in Food Service slices, small bite size slices, brownies, sweet balls, paleo slices, raw slices, vegan slices, gluten free slices and more. You'll find a single wrapped variety with display boxes as well as unwrapped ready for any display cabinet or jar.

All products are FRESHLY MADE TO ORDER, our suppliers pride themselves in providing quality wholesome ingredients that will wow any customer.

At Good Food Warehouse we ONLY SELL WHOLESALE, but we sell to anyone, anytime and provide FREE DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE. So if you're a Cafe, Hamper Company, Chemist, Corporate Business, Training Company, Hairdresser, Coffee Van, School Tuckshop, Events Business essentially anyone who needs food distribution we can service. All you need to do is register online and you're ready to go, you'll see pricing, carton quanities and more.

Here is a little more info on some of our Suppliers that produce wholesale slices, wholesale brownies and wholesale sweet balls.

Pantry and Larder

Pantry and Larder are producers of gourmet handmade products, the pictures say it all. They are delicious and generous with whole inclusions. Producing products like; Stuffed Fruit Monkeys, Caramel Slice, Paleo Bounty Slice, Paleo Goji Brownie, Cherry Ripe Slice - just to name a few, they produce over 50 different products.

Redzed Cookies and Chocolates

Redzed produce a great mix of products ranging from traditional wrapped and food service cafe cookies to rocky road, chocolates, brownies and more. Producing their customer favourite the Serious Choc Velvet Brownie.

Springhill Farm

Springhill produce a range of wrapped and unwrapped bites that come with display boxes. In the same flavours they produce a larger slice and recently launched a sweet ball to the market that does no contain protein like the usual balls, it's a small 30g little mouth full. Producing flavours like; Gluten Free Rocky Road, Berry White Chocolate, Chocolate Oat, Lemon Yogurt and more.

IMPORTANT: We Drop-Ship your orders directly from each Producer, this means you'll receive a Fresher Product at the best possible price.


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