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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Orders
    • Can I order by phone, fax or email?
      • We are happy to help you out and guide you through our on-line order process.  To ensure we bring you the best possible prices, we’ve streamlined our service.  Ordering is to be done via our website.  However, if you are experiencing internet issues, or unable to get in front of a computer please feel free to contact us as we don't want you to miss out.
    • What is your minimum order?
      • This minimum order is 1 'carton'. A 'carton' is a shipping box. All orders are made in “cartons”. You create a carton by choosing from a selection of products from a single supplier. You can choose all the same products for your carton, or you can mix products to create a mixed carton. Carton combinations are different for each supplier and are determined by each supplier as per their carton configurations. Prices displayed are what you pay for each selection in your carton (no additional charges) and are exclusive of GST.
    • Where do you deliver?
      • We deliver right to your doorstep, anywhere in mainland Australia and Tasmania (excluding all other islands).
    • What if I change my delivery address?
      • Just sign in, click on 'Re-Order' and update the delivery details in your account. All new orders will be shipped to your new address. Existing orders will be delivered to your previously entered address.
    • Can I track my orders?
      • Yes. We know it’s important for you to know the status of your order - Track Your Order.
    • What if my order has not arrived?
      • You can easily track your order and keep updated on its progress - Track Your Order.Please see our Delivery & Returns policy for delivery details. 
        If you experience any problems with delivery, simply Chat LIVE on-line or leave a message for a quick turn around.
    • What if my order is incorrectly packed?
      • Remember all orders are packed by each Supplier you order from, not Good Food Warehouse.  We want you to be 100% satisfied with your order, please refer to your order receipt or packing slip for the information we require.
    • What if my order is damaged?
      • If the product is damaged, please refer to your order receipt or packing slip for the information we require.
    • Can I see my past orders?
      • Yes.  To make things easy, you can even re-order directly from your past orders.  Once you are logged in, simply click the 'Re-Order'.
  • Payments
    • How can I pay for my order?
      • All orders are paid for via credit card (we accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX) or direct deposit.  That means we don’t have to pass along any debt management costs, and that makes it cheaper for you.  This means you can also use your Visa debt card.  Payment gateways are eway or PayPal.
    • When do I receive my invoice?
      • The order receipt is your invoice, this can be printed directly after the order is confirmed or once you've received your order receipt via your registered email address.  The order number on the order receipt is your invoice number.
    • Do you have any additional charges at checkout?
      • No, the product price you see is your delivered price.  We do not charge for transaction fees nor do we charge any additional freight (international orders only).
  • Security
    • Is your website secure, and are my payment details safe?
      • Yes.  We know how important it is to protect your information, so we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt all your information  – including your credit card details – so it can’t be read as it travels over the internet.
        We also use the security-certified services of to process your on-line payments using the most advanced security measures.
        For more peace of mind about the security of our systems and our site, please see our Privacy Policy.
      • We also provide you the option to use PayPal who offer the ultimate buyer protection.