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SNACKS - Natural Energy Balls, Protein Balls, Protein Bites, Health Bars, Lunchbox Bites

Are you offering your customers healthy alternatives? We have a growing number of suppliers who produce a large range of Protein Balls, Natural Energy Balls, Paleo Bars, Protein Bars and more. Customers are looking for a clean pick me up. Our Suppliers are unique in their offering; wholesale wrapped protein balls, food service protein balls, all natural protein balls, protein balls with display boxes, skinny display boxes, unwrapped protein balls...

Our Suppliers products are produced fresh giving you nothing but the best, you'll receive maximum shelf life along with 100% supplier love guaranteed. Why not consolidate your ordering, order from as many suppliers as you like, one order, one payment, each shipper box is delivered direct from producer to you! We'll manage your orders to ensure they are delivered to your satisfaction, let us do the hard work for you!

Wholesale Protein Ball Supplier - Health Lab

Health Lab supplies a small range of protein balls in both display boxes and unwrapped food service. The individually wrapped protein balls are perfect for Chemists or other retail outlets. Their protein balls are packed full of goodness using simple clean ingredients.

Wholesale Protein Ball and Bar Producer - Luv Sum

Recently rebranded to 'The Original Ball Co.' - Luv sum are inovators in this market, they are continually trying new flavours, new packaging and work very hard to ensure you receive a delicious protein snack. Luv Sum currently produce a range of wrapped protein and paleo balls available in the display boxes or large bulk quantities of 100 per shipper box. The bulk wrapped protein balls are perfect for meeting rooms, events, hampers, large display jars and more...

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