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Ritual Chai 'Authentic Massala Chai'

03 November 2020

Liquid Chai, Chai Concentrate, Chai Elixir..... What makes Ritual Chai so delicious?

Ritual Chai is an authentic 'Massala Chai' handcrafted using only the best ingredients, carefully selected for their natural properties and therapeutic benefits. Liquid Brewed to ensure the authentic chai flavour is not compromised and consistently achieves the flavour quality the raw ingredients deserve.

Ritual Chai is a 50/50 chai brew liquid. Start by shaking the bottle, use 50% of Ritual Chai and 50% of diary or non-diary milk. Froth the combination till hot. Creating a rich, smooth and creamy texture with a taste of delicious tea and spices. Unlike any other Chai Latte, a clear difference between other concentrates & elixirs. Don't forget you can also serve cold, it's a 'ready serve' product, iced chai latte, chai smoothies, chai frappes and more.

Ritual Chai is approx $1 per serve. If you're a busy cafe the most economical buy would be their 2Ltr bottles. RRP is $5.50/serve 12oz Cup. Giving you a profit margin of approx +80%. They've done their research and found with the exceptional flavour of Ritual Chai, it's ability to be quick serve (hot & cold) and price they are a very competitive player in the market. Ritual Chai will bring your customers back for more!!

Ritual Chai also produce a Kick & Spice Sticky Chai. Organic Black Tea, Certified Organic Spices and delicious Honey.

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