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Byron Bay Cookies R U OK? - Back in 2020 - R U OK?

10 June 2020

R U OK? Single Wrapped Cafe Cookies - Milk Choc Chunk

Byron Bay Cookie Company is proud to share they are partnering with R U OK? in 2020 as part of their upcoming campaign this September. R U OK? is an Australian charity that focuses on suicide prevention by encouraging people to engage into a simple conversation with a friend, family member or work colleague, based on the premise that a conversation could save a life.

Byron Bay Cookie Company is making a financial contribution to R U OK?. A percentage from all sales of the Milk Choc Chunk cookie will be donated to R U OK? by the Byron Bay Cookie Company.

The new product uses the same much-loved Milk Choc Chunk recipe, but the cookie has been baked with a dividing groove, making it easy for people to break in half and share it with someone. This is based on the idea that reaching out to someone can be as simple as sitting down for a coffee and a cookie.

The new cookie is available to order NOW and will be replacing the regular Milk Choc Chunk cookie. The official R U OK? Day is Thursday 10 September.

Why not Jump on Board!! When you put in your next Byron Bay Cookie order, pop in a box of R U OK? Milk Choc Chunk cookies.

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