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BEE2 Honey - BEE2 Straws - BEE2 Manuka - BEE2 Sticks

16 July 2019

BEE2 Honey was established in 2003. The idea was to integrate new concepts with a traditional product, hence delicious Australian Honey packaged into straws for easy use, self serve purposes. From research to production, Bee2 spent two years to develop an innovative product for all honey lovers. Bee2 Honey Straws have been designed for no mess, no fuss and can go anywhere, offering a quick energy boost if needed or perfect grab and go option with Coffee or other hot beverages.

BEE2 has partnered with Good Food Warehouse to ensure anyone has access to their great product. They have two options in the market either Yellow Box Honey or 120 GMO+ Manuka Honey. It's 100% Australian Honey, US FDA Approved Packaging, portion controlled honey.

What makes portion control so good for a business? it allows any type of business to provide a fast healthy alternative other than processed sugar. No mess, No fuss. It's a perfect product for Cafes, Coffee Vans, Hotels, Mini Bars, Hampers, Bike Shops, Sport Shops, Corporate Offices... the list goes on.... these easy to use straws have so many uses.

Australian Manuka Honey has proven to be very popular due to its strong antibacterial quality, they say Australia is the strongest in the world and branded as a 'superfood'. Australian Manuka Honey comes from our pristine, natural environments, where our healthy bees collect pollen and nectar. The honey bee forages many of our Australian native and unique flora producing nothing but Manuka honey goodness.

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