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GK Gluten Free Foods

There are hundreds of reasons to buy GF Uncontaminated Oats...

Here are 5...

1. No contamination from the grains: wheat, rye or barley which allows you to have all the health benefits of oats yet still maintain your special dietary needs

2. Freshly sourced from GF Harvest in Wyoming, USA who are a global supplier of oats for people with special dietary needs

3. GF Oats are the ONLY oats showing on the nutritional panel Gluten <ppm<> </ppm<>

4. Versatile breakfast, cakes, sweets, binder (e.g.: rissoles, stews)

5. Fresh and readily available in Australia from quality stores like this one!

Please note that you are unable to label or make a claim that Oats are Gluten Free in Australia due to Australian Food Labeliing Laws.

Gloriously Free Uncontaminated Oats are sourced from GF Harvest in the USA . GF Harvest grow and manufacturer these pure uncontaminated oats using a special rolling process since they introduced the product to the gluten free market in the USA in 2004.

There oats are famous for their special flavour, from the way they process their oats. They do not roll them as THICK as some old-fashioned rolled oat products on the market. The roller they have used since they started has not changed and does have a flake thickness of +-.006 inch.

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3 - 4 Carton Buy4%
5 - 9 Carton Buy5%
10 - 19 Carton Buy6%
20 - 50 Carton Buy7%
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Order more than 1 Carton from a Supplier and SAVE! You can MIX FLAVOURS in Cartons. See Carton Options on the Suppliers ORDER FORM.

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