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NOUGAT LIMAR - Nougat Producer

Nougat Limar is one of our Sydney region wholesale food suppliers. Nougat Limar started out as a hobby in 2000 that grew into a home business that produced nougat especially for Bon Bon Fine Chocolates in the Queen Victoria Building. In November 2001, this nougat was vowed to be the best nougat in Australia by the well known food critic for the Sydney Morning Herald, John Newton. Since then, the rising interest in our product has led to the expansion of our manufacturing facilities and a wider distribution of the product, specialising in wholesale nougat.

Nougat Limar is high energy, low in saturated fat (less than 2% saturated fat) confectionery, contains at least 33% nuts. Nuts, in particular pistachios and almonds are cholesterol Free and provide a good source of fibre and folate. They are also a good source of many other vitamins and minerals.

Unlike traditional nougat, Nougat Limar is not too sweet giving it a moorish quality.

- Christmas time up to 4 week delays with despatch -

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