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Blue Dinosaur

Wholesale Health Bars Shipped Fresh From Blue Dinosaur. Best Cafe Supplier & Distributor in Australia.

When you order with us, you're ordering direct from Blue Dinosaur. We are their online wholesaler, offering you their complete range of delicious health bars. Ideal for any busy cafe counter, coffee van or retail outlet. You are no longer limited by what a distributor stocks and the more you order the cheaper it gets. Browse the full Blue Dinosaur product range below, login or register for an account to view prices and submit your wholesale order online!

Good Food Warehouse supplies a wide range of products to cafes, restaurants and businesses across Australia providing a direct-from-producer distribution service. View the full range of products we supply here, or you can browse more wholesale health bars & slices here.

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Blue Dinosaur Bars | Wholesale Order Form | Good Food Warehouse
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  • We've partnered with Blue Dinosaur so our awesome customers have the opportunity to grab hold of an all natural, delicious snack bar, protein bar or vegan protein bar. Blue dinosaur produce an extensive range of single wrapped bars in loads of yummy flavours. An ideal grab & go healthy treat, a perfect offering along side your other little goodies. No hidden nasties!!

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Blue Dinosaur Bars at their best! 100% Wholesale. Blue Dinosaur Health, Protein & Vegan Bars.

Blue Dinosaur Bars are Australian made, grown & owned. They produce an extensive range of health & protein bars in delicious flavours. Blue Dinosaur stand by their promise; 'We will always make real food that you actually want to eat. We will never use chemicals, binders, flavours, preservatives, or anything artificial, and we will make every single bar by hand. We only ever want to make amazing food. We do not think that being labelled “snack food” gives you a right to be highly processed, bland garbage. We want every bar, in every wrapper, to taste as good as a hand-baked cake, while only being made with real, wholefood ingredients.'

Good Food Warehouse will supply your cafe or business with wholesale health & protein bars from Blue Dinosaur. We'll give you direct access to their complete range of products. Ensuring the freshest possible products with our fast and FREE delivery service and the best wholesale price guaranteed. Simply order your products online and we will do the rest. If you're unsure or have questions please feel free to Live Chat online.

Blue Dinosaur Wholesale Products:

  • Lamington Bar
  • Cinnamon Scroll Bar
  • Cheesecake Base Bar
  • Banana Bread Bar
  • Peanut Butter Protein Bar
  • Choc Chip Peanut Butter Protein Bar
  • Chocolate Protein Bar
  • PB & Mylk Choc Vegan Bar
  • PB & Caramel Choc Vegan Bar
  • PB & Jelly Vegan Bar
  • Plus 3 bite flavours
  • and more...

About Blue Dinosaur

A firefighter, a tourism events manager, and a pro surfer walked into a health food store…

We’re not really sure how this business came about, or how it is that we still exist… We’re not pro-chefs, we’re not even that great at cooking. Seriously, we bake bars so simple a 4-year-old with their eyes shut could make them.

But this is our story, in a nutshell:

I, Mike, firefighter and all round top bloke with the smouldering good looks of Brad Pitt and the coolly distant wit of Bill Murray, got sick of buying snack food only to have it taste nothing like the description on pack and make my stomach feel as though I’d swallowed a bag of nails. So, I started making my own bars with a very simple philosophy: go and buy the best ingredients I can, blend them together, bake them like a cake, and wrap them up so I can keep them in my pocket.

Soon after, my wife Tina, noticed our grocery bills had grown by 10x as I very quickly started feeding all my gym friends and, if we didn’t start selling these bars, we’d soon be on the street. She jumped on board and together we started our little company: “Blue Dinosaur”.

Demand took off. We were baking all our bars at home, with pizza ovens in the spare bedrooms and postage parcels lining the hallways. Life was hectic but we loved our late-night baking sessions.

In 2013 we were introduced to Jarrad, a man who brought an outward look to Blue Dinosaur that reflected our ethos and our desire to do better. Now we had a brand.

In a world of rabid health claims, we didn’t play along. We never preyed on people’s fears and, instead, we focussed on the joy of eating simple, good food. I can safely say that our collagen hasn’t made me any more beautiful, but I don’t care. We use ingredients that are real. And we use collagen simply because it’s good for you.