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Truffle Paddock

About Us: 

Our Founder, Nigel Wood, started one of the first big truffle plantations in Tasmania over 20 years ago and established Truffle Melbourne / Truffle Paddock.

During the winter truffle season, Nigel hosts truffle feasts, manages 60+ events, and in partnership with the expert chefs and artisan producers, makes our delicious Truffle Paddock produce using Australia’s finest fresh black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum) from our own farm in Grantville, near Phillip Island.

Twenty years on, Australia is now the world’s fourth largest truffle growing nation!
Our uniquely Australian truffle products are named after our farm – the “Truffle Paddock”.
We make truffle tastes an affordable luxury all year round!

All our products contain real fresh black winter truffle and are extremely tasty and versatile, with numerous ways of using our products.

Our Products: 


Our “Truffle met an Olive” is an Australian olive oil, with fresh black truffle pieces and it’s the perfect finishing oil for a huge range of tastes, from pasta, risotto, salad, to breakfast eggs or pizza, and great for truffle pop-corn, with one of our truffle salts! 


Our two pasta sauces are richly flavoured and incredibly versatile, use on pasta, pizza, nachos or as a dip with chips or crackers - great all year round!


Our “Dip, Drizzle and Dress” is high-powered umami Japanese style Ponzu sauce - perfect for drizzling over steamed seafood, and used as a dipping with dumplings or dressing on a salad or steamed vegetables.

Our super rich and creamy “Truffle Aioli” is a natural partner for your summer salads, or for dipping with crackers, carrot or celery sticks. It's also the best bbq accompaniment going around - great with burgers, hot chips, sliders and complements most fresh seafood and vegetarian dishes perfectly. 


“Salt of the Earth” truffle salt is an exceptional blend of Australian sea salt and fresh black truffle.

“Black Beauty” is a unique combination of Australian sea salt, black truffle and black fermented garlic. The garlic makes our already extraordinary truffle salt exceptional – it’s superb in a wide range of dishes, from truffle pop-corn, to roasted vegies to breakfast eggs.

Both salts lift any dish where salt is needed – and those are many!


Our truffle honeys are made by urban bee-keepers Melbourne Rooftop Honey. 

“Pass the truffle honey” is a clear honey with slices of fresh truffle through it. Great on toast, drizzled over blue or white mould cheeses and superb when basting poultry and your favourite roasting vegetables.

Our “Black Gold” is a rich dark honey which includes 8 grams of truffle in each jar – the truffle is freeze dried and ground to a fine powder which is them folded through a rich dark honey.

No one makes anything like these truffle honeys anywhere in the world.



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