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Nice Coffee Co. - Tackling Poverty...

Nice Coffee Co. is a social enterprise that uses 100% of profits from their coffee to build schools and help provide access to education in some of the World's poorest communities.

With their range of specialty, house and single origin beans, they supply a number of cafe's, schools, offices and organisations right across Australia, allowing them to have a positive impact with every single cup.

With beans sourced from some of the finest coffee growing regions in the World, they pride themselves on consistently roasting the perfect brew, sparking conversation amongst some of Australia's greatest coffee enthusiasts.

Background of Nice Coffee Co:

After spending time in Africa's largest slum, Nice Coffee Co's founder was inspired to do something about the low rate of children who can afford school. He wondered if he could use Australia's passion for coffee, along with our passion for doing good, to spark change in these communities. 12 months after founding the company they had built 9 classrooms, established a school feeding program for 450 students at their school, and helped pay 11 teacher salaries.

They maintain their mission of educating 10,000 kids by 2030 by connecting with more and more coffee drinkers in Australia.
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