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Ritual Chai

Quick Serve Liquid Spiced Chai. Wholesale Chai Delivered Direct.

Ritual Chai produce an authentic spiced liquid and sticky chai, login or register for an account to view prices and submit your wholesale order online!

Good Food Warehouse supply a wide range of products to cafes, restaurants and businesses across Australia providing a direct-from-producer distribution service. View the full range of products we supply here, or you can browse more non-coffee and chocolate powders here.

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Born in Bellingen, Ritual Chai's reputation continues to gain popularity due to the brand’s simple philosophy - authentic, ethically, locally sourced real ingredients lovingly and meticulously brewed together.

No 5 Church Street was were it all began. A cafe better known as the cultural hub of Bellingen created a beverage that embodied everything the community represented. A unique formulation, crafted and perfected over 10 years to bring an authentic, home brewed Indian Massala Chai experience to our customers.

The result was outstanding and when the locals experienced the Bellingen brewed chai, they soon made it their daily ritual. And from that, Ritual Chai was named.

Ritual Chai has partnered with Good Food Warehouse to manage their wholesale orders and delivery direct to customer. We'll take care of your Orders, Delivery and Service. Any questions please feel free to Live Chat Online.