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13 Seeds

Terry Memory and Gemma Lynch-Memory founded 13 Seeds Hemp Farm in 2015 after a decade of research into the potential of the Hemp Plant to be viable Agribusiness crop for their farm in Southern Tasmania. In 1997 while traveling around Europe the couple saw for the first time vast fields of Hemp growing in Romania for fibre. They were struck by the apparent robustness and vigour of the plant with the fields appearing on city fringes and in more rural locations.

On the 12th of November 2017, Hemp Seed was approved as a Food Product in Australia. On the 13th of November, 13 Seeds Hemp Farm launched 13 food products including Australia’s first Hemp Porridge, Hemp Muesli, Hemp Chai and Hemp Hot Chocolate.

13 Seeds have partnered with Good Food Warehouse to manage their Direct Distribution. Shipping directly from the Farm to YOU!! Allowing anyone, anywhere, anytime to Order their complete wholesale range online 24/7. FREE DELIVERY from Tasmania. Please allow a few extra days to reach you..:)

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