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NOBULL Coffee Co.

The Roaster

Our multi award winning, artisan roaster has been producing high-grade roasted coffee for the past 13 years and continues to improve and build on their skills and achievements year after year. Last year was no exception, where they collected another 4 medals in the 2018 Golden Bean Roasting Competition. They roast and supply fresh coffee to numerous café’s, restaurants and other wholesale accounts around the country. They have a grand total of 35 Awards.

The Equipment

With the aid of a 200g small batch roaster and a team of passionate staff, every shipment of coffee beans is sample roasted, cupped and assessed to determine the ideal roast profile for each bean and each crop. The Master Roaster is then able to construct blends based upon the suitability of different combinations of single origin coffees. Armed with a 30kg traditional drum roaster, he is then able to produce identical profiles on a larger scale for consumers to enjoy.

The Coffee

The green coffee beans are sourced from a number highly awarded coffee farms around the world in exotic locations such as India, Central & South America and South East Asia. They have chosen to source ethical coffees and believe in direct trade with farmers but also include Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified beans to give back to the impoverished coffee growing nations of the world. The production team travel to these locations each year to ensure that the quality of coffee is the very best available and that the farmers continue to be treated equitably.

The Process

Our roaster creates single origin roasts and espresso blends to match the Australian milk consuming palates, sometimes choosing lighter roasting styles to bring out the natural flavours from within the bean. They roast, blend and package the coffee on-site to ensure that each batch achieves the optimum flavour profile and ideal consumption period specified by the Master Roaster.

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