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Heather Brae Shortbread
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Heather Brae

  Order Cut Off :24hrs prior
  Despatch :Monday - Thursday
  From :Melbourne
  To :Australia Wide
  With :Star Track Express
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About Heather Brae

ABC Radio AM current affairs program interviews Heather Brae's, Bass Wakim on their success.

Heather Brae is one of our Melbourne based wholesale food suppliers.  Richard Ray the former National Sales and Marketing Manager for Byron Bay Cookie Company who was responsible for much of the success of their gluten free cookies say.
 " Heather Brae has finally outdone the famous gluten free, Byron Bay Cookies. The Cookie Company pioneered high quality gluten free cookies. This was done over a period of trial and error with a massive effort put into finding the right flours and other ingredients and a special mixing process. Now the same ingredients are widely available and Heather Brae has better baking techniques so has developed an even better gluten free cookie" 

Heather Brae Shortbreads provide exceptional quality home-style treats by only using high quality ingredients with traditional family recipes.  We have a great variety of Cookies and Tarts bulk and individually wrapped, these are an excellent addition to any Cafe, Van, Club/Pub treats menu.

Available Cartons from Heather Brae
Heather Brae Cafe - Bulk Cookies Carton
Heather Brae Cafe - Bulk Cookies Carton
Heather Brae Shortbreads Tarts
Heather Brae Cafe - Individually Wrapped Cookies Carton
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