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  Order Cut Off :24hrs Prior
  Despatch :Monday - Thursday
  From :Sydney
  To :Australia Wide
  With :Star Track Express
Neutral Bay,NSW,2089
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About YesYouCan

SalDoce Fine Foods is one of our Sydney based wholesale food suppliers. SalDoce Fine Foods is a family company founded in Sydney in 2000 to develop recipes that are gluten free but taste as good as regular wheat products.  Our YesYouCan premixes are made especially for those who have to follow a gluten and wheat free diet and those who are health conscious wishing to reduce gluten intake by choice.   Our recipes are developed with love and care following high quality standards and the best taste and texture. 

YesYouCan offer a wide range of retail and bulk products; Vanilla Cup Cakes, Choc Mud Cake, Buttermilk Pancake, Buckwheat Pancake, Multi Grain Bread, Banana Bread, Pizza Dough Mix, Savoury Mix, Plain Flour, Self Raising Flour and a new Diabetic Friendly range.

SalDoce Fine Foods is HACCP, WQA and Halal accreditied - click here to view HACCP and Halal certificates.
Available Cartons from YesYouCan
YesYouCan - 5kg Pre Mixes
YesYouCan - Gluten Free 5kg Flours/Pre Mixes Carton
YesYouCan - Gluten Free Pre-Mix Sample Carton
YesYouCan - Gluten Free Pre-Mix Sample Carton
YesYouCan - Retail Pack
YesYouCan - Retail Carton
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