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The Original Hot Chocolate - Dark Choc
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The Original Hot Chocolate

  Order Cut Off : 24hrs prior
  Despatch : Monday - Thursday
  From : Sydney
  To : Australia Wide
  With : Star Track Express
Parramatta RoadGranville,NSW,2142
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About The Original Hot Chocolate

The Original Hot Chocolate is one of our Sydney based wholesale beverage suppliers.  Hot Chocolate, there are few hot drinks for which people feel such a passion for.....

The Original Hot Chocolate Company produces a unique and indulgent way of creating a hot chocolate experience whilst enjoying Pure Belgium Callebaut Chocolate.

This handmade creation is a chocolate chunk with spoon, in several varieties. Milk, Dark and White chocolate.

The recipe is simple, combine 200ml of hot steamy milk with your stirrable chocolate chunk, it mixes through the milk melting into a sensational drinking moment, and the product actually entices you to “Sip & Lick”.

Gluten Free, Nut Free, its flavour and richness is reminiscent of the intense, polished drinking chocolate experienced by the Europeans for centuries.

Now we can enjoy this delicious form of Hot Chocolate made in Australia for our Hot Chocolate loving Aussies.

"A Serious Sip and Lick"

Available Cartons from The Original Hot Chocolate
The Original Hot Chocolate - Spoons Carton
The Original Hot Chocolate - Spoons Carton
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