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Gourmet Organic Herbs

Gourmet Organic Herbs is one of our Sydney region wholesale food suppliers. Gourmet Organic Herbs is committed to sourcing the highest quality wholesale herbs and spices from across the globe, all blended with care, to create an interesting range of certified organic culinary delights!

At Gourmet Organic Herbs, we handle all our materials with great care, making sure that a minimum of processing occurs thus maintaining a high essential oil content, and maximising the flavour for your enjoyment!

Gourmet Organic Herbs is run by an enthusiastic young couple – Anibal and Hollan Zarate - with a background to support their rapidly growing business. Anibal has many years of hospitality experience and has an understanding of the food industry while Hollan has a background in Medical Herbalism, and therefore they jointly manage their operations in relation to the selection and assessment of raw materials for the range.

Gourmet Organic Herbs is a Certified Organic wholesaler with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) No. 10541P. We have also set up many relationships with local farmers in the objective to support local production wherever possible. Organic farming works towards a more sustainable future for our farmers and the land. Being Certified Organic also guarantees that products are free of genetically modified ingredients.

Our unique approach is in the diversity of our product range. Offering an environmentally friendly packaging solution for consumers, the retail products are available in an attractive recyclable glass storage jar with the options of refill sachets for subsequent purchases. From packaged products for the retail market, catering sizes for the foodservice industry and bulk volumes for manufacturers, our range of Herbs and spices offers something for everyone.

At Gourmet Organic Herbs we purchase only certified organic materials, both locally and internationally, and we are a Certified Organic wholesaler with Australian Certified Organic (ACO) No. 10541W. Organic Certification does not allow the irradiation or fumigation of any product, which is also monitored through our certifier’s auditing processes.

The certification process also ensures that there is a traceable channel of organic status from ‘paddock to plate’. Therefore, the presence of a certification logo on our packaging is your assurance that all ingredients within the product are truly Organic.

This Supplier is currently working on their range.  Please feel free to contact us via our On-line Chat or alternatively leave a message.

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