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MaMa Ka'z
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MaMa KaZ

  Order Cut Off :24hrs prior
  Despatch :Monday - Wednesday
  From :Sydney
  To :Australia Wide
  With :Star Track Express
Transit time may impact your despatch day.  This is to ensure your stock does not sit in a hot warehouse over the weekend.
St Peters,NSW,2044
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About MaMa KaZ

MaMa Kaz is one of our Sydney based wholesale food suppliers.  Mama Ka'z Banana Breads are the original banana bread bakers who have been producing quality breads since 1997 from a jealously guarded recipe.

All our products, from the traditional sized larger loaves, to our Deli and Mini Loaves are 100% natural with no preservatives.

All our breads are made from 100% real fruit.  We produce many wholesale bread varieties such as banana bread, mango & coconut bread, fruit load, banana & walnut bread and much more.  As well as our new line of wholesale muffins, delicious flavours and don't forget our breads come in whole loaf or wrapped.

Our dedication to QUALITY & SERVICE is incomparable in the market place.

Available Cartons from MaMa KaZ
MaMa Ka'z - Bulk Muffins 180g
MaMa KaZ - Bulk Muffins 170g Carton
MaMa Ka'z - 4 Whole Loaf Pack
MaMa KaZ - Whole Breads Carton
MaMa Ka'z - Introductory Pack
MaMa KaZ - Wrapped Breads Carton
Pantry & Larder Sample Request
MaMa KaZ Breads Sample Carton
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