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Liquid Chocolate - Wholesale Belgian Chocolate

Liquid Chocolate is one of our Sydney based wholesale food suppliers. Liquid Chocolate started in 2002 with chocolate fountain rentals in a home business that produced high quality Belgian chocolate for the chocolate fondue and fountains in Sydney. Liquid Chocolate produces wholesale fondue chocolates from the finest ingredients, using the highest quality from Belgium.Liquid Chocolate is PURE Belgian fondue chocolate. NO vegetable cooking oil or thinning additives have been added to our ingredients to dilute it. We believe in maintaining the chocolate’s original smooth, thick and non-oily texture and exceptional taste.

We are gluten free so customers with coeliac and gluten intolerant can enjoy at will!

Each container weighs 1Kg and all our chocolate is gluten free with nutritional information. You can choose from our variety of flavours:Original Milk, Silky Dark, Creamy White and Soft Pink chocolate. The recipe is simple to use, microwave the container for 1 minute on high and roll the container gently in hand for 1minute. Repeat this for 2 to 3 times prior to using.

Our chocolate can be used in many different ways: fondue, fountain, cakes, biscuits, muffins, scones, puddings, ice cream sauces, hot chocolate drinks….or simply just licking the spoon!


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10 - 50 Carton Buy7%
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The more you buy from one Supplier the more you SAVE! Every Supplier offers Quantity Discounts, remember the stock is fresh, as it's delivered direct from them to you. The minimum order is a Mixed Carton, see full list of products on Order Form.

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