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Our wholesale smoothie suppliers offer a great range of cafe smoothies, from passionfruit, strawberry, mixed berry, mango, peach iced tea, chocolate and more ...

    • DaVinci Gourmet offer 3 flavours in the Australian market, imported from Malaysia and has approx 6 months shelf life minimum, they have published some great Barista Recipes, please contact us if you're looking for any other ideas.
    • SHOTT Beverages offer a larger range of smoothie flavours, imported from New Zealand have approx 18 months shelf life and offer up to 60% real fruit puree.  Versatile smoothies great for frappe, milkshakes, ice-coffee, ice-cream, cake toppings, deserts and more..

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DaVinci Gourmet - Smoothies Carton -DaVinci Gourmet  ?

  • Mixed Berry Smoothie (1ltr)

    Mixed Berry Smoothie (1ltr)

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  • Mango Smoothie (1ltr)

    Mango Smoothie (1ltr)

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SHOTT Beverages - 1.5ltr Smoothies Carton -SHOTT Beverages  ?

  • Mango Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Mango Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Strawberry Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Strawberry Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Feijoa Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Feijoa Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Berry Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Berry Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Peach Iced Tea Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Peach Iced Tea Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Passionfruit Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Passionfruit Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Chocolate Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Chocolate Smoothie (1.5ltr)

    Qty Discount
  • Iced Coffee Smoothie (1.5ltr)


    Iced Coffee Smoothie (1.5ltr)

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Sample Products

  • SHOTT Beverages - 30ml Smoothie Pumps

    SHOTT Beverages - 30ml Smoothie Pumps

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  • SHOTT Beverages - Sample Carton

    SHOTT Beverages - Sample Carton

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