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Honey, Sweeteners & Sugar

Our wholesale sugar alternative suppliers offer honey straws which are a convenient solution to a honey jar and 100% natural stevia sticks, these are a must have to cover your customer needs!

Available Cartons from Honey, Sweeteners & Sugar
Bee2 Australian Honey - Honey Straws
Bee2 Australian Honey 12g Straws Carton
Sugar Satchels Carton
National Cafe Supplies - Sugar Satchels Carton
Natvia - 100% Natural Sweetener Sticks (500 x 3g)
Natvia - Sticks Carton
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National Cafe Supplies - Bulk Chai and Chocolate Powder Carton
National Cafe Supplies - Bulk Chai & Choc Powders Carton
MaMa Ka'z - Introductory Pack
MaMa KaZ - Wrapped Breads Carton
MaMa Ka'z - Bulk Muffins 180g
MaMa KaZ - Bulk Muffins 170g Carton
Luv Sum - Protein Balls Carton
Luv Sum - Natural Energy and Protein Balls RETAIL Carton
YesYouCan - 5kg Pre Mixes
YesYouCan - Gluten Free 5kg Flours/Pre Mixes Carton
DaVinci Gourmet - 1kg Chocolate Powder Carton
DaVinci Gourmet - 1kg Powders Carton
Caramel Syrup 750ml
DaVinci Gourmet - Syrups Carton
SHOTT Beverages Smoothies Carton
SHOTT Beverages - 1.5ltr Smoothies Carton